!!**TOP PRIORITY:  Join.  Resist.  Act.  Support our youth and follow their lead:  Climate Strike 09/20/2019 and Ongoing Climate Action!!**

1. Help us stop the US Forest Service's plan to kill millions of healthy trees in the Santa Fe National Forest via the 107,000 acre  "Santa Fe Mountains Landscape Resiliency Project."  The Forest Service keeps changing the euphemistic name of the project, and ignoring the law that requires an Environmental Impact Statement prior to creating landscape-scale disturbances. The deforestation has already begun in Black Canyon near Hyde Park!  If ever there was a time to speak up for trees and wildlife, it's now.  We just submitted comments to the Forest Service.  Please keep educating people, and check back here.  When there is more political action to take, we'll let you know.  The best solution to climate change to date is to plant millions of trees, not burn them up and log them!

2. The City of Santa Fe and the US Forest Service continually conduct toxic "prescribed" burns in the fragile and once-verdant Santa Fe Watershed, via firebombing with toxic chemicals.  Please contact Santa Fe City Counselors and tell them to stop funding the burning and stop ignoring public input.

3. We could use some help at our educational/informational events.  Call 982-4322.  If you only have half an hour, or would like to help from home, we want to hear from you. 

4. Please help save our forest from irreversible damage.  You can help by:

    1. Sending an email to with "Yes" in the subject line. We'll add your email to our mailing list and keep you informed.  This group has brought a lawsuit to stop the "Fireshed" project.


    2. Signing our online petition here


What else can you do?


5. Write letters to the editor and longer "My View" op eds to the Santa Fe New Mexican calling for a scientific analysis and EIS of all "Greater Santa Fe Fireshed" projects--and an end to Forest Service deforestation in the name of "restoration."  Stand up for your right not to have your op ed censored by the Forest Service.  The New Mexican has been giving op eds to the Forest Service--the Government agency we're critiquing--to edit, without the writers' knowledge or consent, and publishing them with the writer's name and no mention of the censorship.    

Contact Representative Ben Ray Lujan, Senator Tom Udall, and Senator Martin Heinrich and ask them to tell the Forest Service to conduct an EIS for the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed, and to halt the tree clearing projects until an EIS can be completed.   (contact information is at the bottom of this email).

The situation is urgent, please take action today!





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